How do I activate the ScanMaster software?

We recommend manually activating the software as it is easier and you will know the support area. Please proceed as follows:

  1. If not already done, then create a customer account. Click on "My Account" at the top and then on "Register". Fill the form and send it.
  2. You will immediately receive an activation email to your email address. Click on the link in the email to confirm the email address to activate the account.
  3. Go back to "My Account" and enter your username and password to log in.
  4. On the right side click on "PRODUCT REGISTRATION" and enter and send your registration key there. The key is located on the CD cover or the registration card for the current deliveries of ScanMaster-OBDLink. Or in other versions, this will be sent by email.
  5. On the right side click on "DOWNLOADS". There, the latest version can be downloaded and installed.
  6. In this download area there are yellow keys (icons) with the heading "Activate". Click on a key (version does not matter). A small "licfile.reg" file is downloaded. Please pay attention to the size of the file. This should be 1-3 kbytes in size. If the size is 0 kbyte then try to disable the antivirus and download the file again.
  7. Click on the downloaded "licfile.reg" file and confirm the execution of the file.
  8. Confirm adding to Windows Registry and subsequent warning message. The activation data is written directly into Windows Registry and the software is activated.
  9. Restart the program. You get the message that the software is activated and are no longer reminded of the activation.

If you get in trouble, do not hesitate to contact us. The contact details are listed above under "Imprint".

Software Aktivieren

Software Activation


Die meisten unsere Software-Produkte erfordern eine Aktivierung. Registrieren Sie sich auf dieser Seite, um ihre Softwarelizenz zu aktivieren. Oder loggen Sie sich ein, falls Sie bereits registriert sind.

Updates Herunterladen

Software Activation


Aktuelle Software Versionen stehen rum um die Uhr für alle registrierte Produkte in dem Kundenbereich zum Download bereit. Auch zusätzliche und kostenlose Produkte sind dort zu finden.


Software Activation


CD verloren? Registrierungs-Key nicht mehr auffindbar? Alles kein Problem. Alle Dateien, die zu dem Produkt gehören und alle Aktivierungen werden Online für Sie aufbewahrt und sind immer griffbereit.

Bevorzugter Support



Registrierte Kunden, die ihre Anfrage über den Support-formular in dem Kundenbereich absenden, erhalten von uns bevorzugten Support in deutscher oder englischer Sprache.

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